A complete solution for an order and delivery IOS and Android application.




You will also get two dashboards, one for the admins and other for the restaurants.

Easy to customize

You don't need to touch a single line of code. You can configure the app completely using the setup wizard.

Stipe & PayPal

A ready to use Stripe and PayPal integration. You just need to put your own api keys.

Start your food delivery business.

You won't need to hire developers as you will find all the things you need to open your business in this solution.
You will also have access to our online support ticket system and a complete documentation on how to build the app.

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What we offer

A complete mobile application for food order and delivery

This application will be your main application that you should publish on the PlayStore and the AppStore.

Users of your application will be able to:

  • Search for restaurants
  • Find the nearest restaurants
  • Discover their meals
  • Order and pay for meals
  • See the current position of their order in a map
  • And much more...

Users will fall in love with the simplicity of your app and will use it again.

Another mobile application for your delivery men

Give this app to your delivery men or you could also publish it in the stores.

Your delivery men will see the orders that they need to deliver, where to deliver it and how to get there.

They will need to login before using this app with the credentials that you will provide using the administration dashboard (remember, you will control it all 💪).

A dashboard for your partnered restaurants

Upload this on your server and give access to your partnered restaurants.

This where the restaurants could:

  • Add/Update their informations (website, phone, photos, speciality, ...)
  • Add/Update their menu (pricing, meals, ...)
  • Receive and prepare orders
  • Check their statistics

They will receive payments from orders directly and automatically to their Stripe or PayPal accounts.

A dashboard for the administrators

This is where you control it all ! You can host it on your server or run it locally.

This is the dashboard that you and/or other administrators will use to:

  • Watch the usage of your applications
  • Add/Update restaurants
  • Add/Update delivery men
  • Add/Update other administrators
  • Check orders
  • And other administration related tasks...

This dashboard will be your control room.

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Get started fast

It will only take you about 30 minutes or less to completely configure and build the app. After that you should focus on others things such as marketing and leave the technical stuff to us.

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How to setup the app


Use our online support ticket system to get help or to report a bug.